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  • I'm Helen Brain, writer and creative writing teacher. I live in Cape Town, South Africa. When I'm not writing memoir, short stories or books for children, I'm teaching writing online, drawing cartoons or making things for fun.

    My blog

    Saving Water  (18 January 16)
    Good news. My inestimable agent has sold my trilogy Elevation to Human and Rousseau. Book one has been edited, and I'm busy with the rewrites. And I'm simultaneously writing book 2, which is due at the publisher on May 1. It's set in Cape Town after a major calamity that...

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    Writing venues 1 and 2  (17 June 15)
    Do I've been seeing a brilliant lifecoach called Russel Brownlee, who does hypnosis while cracking the whip.
    I've been procrastinating writing book 2 of the Ebba books because of generalised terror of failure disorder, and when he discovered I was making large spotted panties instead of writing he was very...

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    Happy Birthday Peter Klatzow  (09 June 15)
    Thirty five years ago I was an anxious music student who had sought refuge in fundamentalism. One of my lecturers was Professor Peter Klatzow, a very handsome, very brusque, very brilliant teacher who scared me shitless.
    Thirty years on I befriended him on FaceBook, and our friendship has become one...

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    School visits   (11 May 15)
    Tomorrow I'm going to visit three schools as part of the Franschhoek Book Fair school's program. The first school is Bridge House, an incredibly well equipped private school with English home language children from wealthy backgrounds. The other two are much poorer schools with limited resources, and the tuition is...

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    Facebook  (05 May 15)
    I love Facebook, and I spend far too much time on the site, but I don't love the person it makes me become. Ratty, pedantic, judgmental, disparaging ...

    Most of my Facebook friends are professional creatives and they're articulate and witty and endlessly entertaining. I hide the occasional one...

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    Let me teach you to write

    Basics of Creative Writing
    A three module, 4-6 month course teaching the basic craft of writing dialogue, action and description and putting them together in scenes.
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    Advanced Course in Creative Writing
    A 4-6 month, three module course teaching advanced techniques for writing dialogue, building atmosphere and developing strong characters.
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    Write a Book for Children
    A year long course for students who want to write a book for children/young teens aged 7-15. The student will finish with a complete manuscript.
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    Creative Writing for High School Students
    A four month, ten module course teaching the basic craft of writing dialogue, action and description.
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